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Down Or Just Me

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Developer: RedBetter Dev
Categories: Tools
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 17.0 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 16.11.2019


Down Or Just Me is a unique application for android, with which you can make search queries of sites and view data about them.

The developers did their best to create this application. Down Or Just Me for Android can be called a unique application of its kind, because indeed, there are not so many similar applications for Android that have their own characteristics in finding sites.

What is special about Down Or Just Me? Here you can easily enter search queries and find out detailed information about the sites. That is, you can find out how fast the site is working and a few more useful things. Also, the Down Or Just Me application may be very necessary for you if you have a link to the site and you do not have the opportunity to find out the real, original name of the site. In this case, Down Or Just Me will help you, you need to go into the application and enter the link into the search bar (or take the copied one from the clipboard and put it there). Then, click the search button. Within a few milliseconds, the application will demonstrate all sites found on request, as well as additional information about them. This application has very simple and intuitive functions that are available to everyone.

Generally about the Down Or Just Me app and downloading it

The Down Or Just Me Android application can really be called useful. Most often programmers need this application, because they have to work with sites and learn as much information about them as possible. But thanks to its simple and convenient functionality, Down Or Just Me is available to everyone, even the youngest Internet user will be able to understand it.

The Down Or Just Me application can be downloaded to any android device, the operating system version of which is not less than 5.0 (or even better, if more, then Down Or Just Me will work in the best way, faultlessly, reliably and efficiently). Down Or Just Me's download procedure is no different from other apps. Download is done with one click of a button on our website. Then we proceed to installing the application and agree to the requirements of the application. After installation, you can open the application and use it. Down Or Just Me has an extremely simple interface (the developers did not bother too much with the application, the functionality of which is very limited). The Down Or Just Me application is not a program in which you will hang around 24 hours a day, it is made for extremely simple and understandable tasks - to find out a little more information about sites by entering their links into the search bar. Down Or Just Me has already been downloaded by a huge number of people around the world and are actively using it). The application actually has no drawbacks (except for the absence of the Russian language, it is available in English).

Down Or Just Me for downloaded 1 times. Down Or Just Me is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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