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Category: Puzzles

Размер: 49.3 MB

Updated: 19.05.2023

Developer: Serenico Labs

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If you have a sweet tooth and love puzzle games, then Cake Match Idle! is the perfect game for you. This delightful game combines the satisfaction of packing pies with the challenge of solving puzzles. With its simple rules and addictive gameplay, Cake Match Idle! will keep you entertained for hours.


  • Pack all the same pies inside a box
  • Pack and sell boxes of pies!
  • Make money and increase your store efficiency!
  • Enjoy!

Addictive Gameplay

Cake Match Idle! offers a unique and addictive gameplay experience. The objective of the game is to pack all the same pies inside a box. You can do this by swapping adjacent pies to create a match of three or more. Once you successfully pack a box, you can sell it and earn money. The more boxes you sell, the more money you make.

As you progress through the game, you can use the money you earn to upgrade your store and increase its efficiency. This allows you to pack and sell more pies, earning even more money. The game also features power-ups and special items that can help you clear the board and make matches more easily.

Challenging Puzzles

Cake Match Idle! is not just about mindlessly packing pies. The game features a variety of challenging puzzles that require strategic thinking and planning. Each level presents a different layout of pies, and you must carefully consider your moves to create the best matches and pack the boxes efficiently.

Some levels have obstacles and limited moves, adding an extra layer of difficulty. You'll need to use your puzzle-solving skills to overcome these challenges and reach your goals. The game also offers different game modes, including timed challenges and endless gameplay, to keep you engaged and entertained.

Delicious Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound in Cake Match Idle! are simply mouthwatering. The game features colorful and vibrant visuals that bring the pies to life. Each pie has its own unique design and personality, making the game visually appealing. The sound effects and background music enhance the gameplay experience, immersing you in the world of baking and selling pies.


Cake Match Idle! is a delightful puzzle game that combines the satisfaction of packing pies with addictive gameplay. With its simple rules, challenging puzzles, and delicious graphics and sound, this game is a must-play for any puzzle game enthusiast. Download Cake Match Idle! today and get ready to pack and sell boxes of delicious pies!

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How to install Cake Match Idle!

  1. Download APK file games from
  2. Locate the downloaded file. You can find it in the system tray or in the 'Download' folder using any file manager.
  3. If the file downloaded in .bin extension (WebView bug on Android 11), rename it to .apk using any file manager or try downloading the file with another browser like Chrome.
  4. Start the installation. Click on the downloaded file to start the installation
  5. Allow installation from unknown sources. If you are installing for the first time Cake Match Idle! not from Google Play, go to your device's security settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  6. Bypass Google Play protection. If Google Play protection blocks installation of the file, tap 'More Info' → 'Install anyway' → 'OK' to continue..
  7. Complete the installation: Follow the installer's instructions to complete the installation process.

How to update Cake Match Idle!

  1. Download the new version games from
  2. Locate the downloaded file and click on it to start the installation.
  3. Install over the old version. There is no need to uninstall the previous version.
  4. Avoid signature conflicts. If the previous version was not downloaded from, the message 'Application not installed' may appear. In this case uninstall the old version and install the new one.
  5. Restart game Cake Match Idle! after the update.

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