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Ant Factory

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Developer: Green Panda Games
Categories: Simulators
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 45.4 MB
Downloads: 0
0 / 0
Updated: 28.07.2020


  • Works offline.
  • Low system requirements.
  • Doesn't take up much space.
  • Free to play.


  • There is no Russian translation.
  • No updates.
  • Acceleration for viewing ads.
  • No customization available.


Ant Factory is an incremental game from Green Panda Games; clicker in which you have to become the leader of the ant society. Hardworking insects are left without an anthill and open their factory supplying leaves, popular sweets, fast food and even electronics.


An uncomplicated plot is a hallmark of clickers. The Ant Factory's work process is automated: the ants themselves carry the goodies for packaging, the elevator regularly delivers the filled boxes upstairs, and the cars drive up as needed.

For each product and box delivered, a cash reward is awarded, which can be spent on improving conveyors, an elevator and a warehouse:

  • increasing the capacity and speed of trucks;
  • elevator acceleration;
  • increase in the value of goods;
  • add ants to the conveyor and increase their speed.

Tapes on working mines and vertical elevator swipes forcibly accelerate insects and delivery of cargo to the warehouse. As the factory progresses, new production lines and members of the ant community open up.

Do not be afraid to be distracted, because even without your participation, the business will not stand still, and upon your return you will receive a bonus for the hard work of your wards at the factory. But remember that it is easier to dominate the market with more involvement in the gaming world.

Ant Factory Features

  • endless adventure due to a considerable number of levels and 30 conveyors with different products;
  • easy ant flow and income management;
  • simplified, but still high-quality graphics and animation, so that the game runs even on low-powered smartphones and tablets;
  • no ads;
  • Ant Factory does not need an internet connection.

The game is distributed free of charge for Android devices. More opportunities are opened not by buying add-ons (they are not in the Ant Factory), but by watching promotional videos from developers. Those are opened only by clicking on a certain button at the bottom of the screen or when catching a golden ant flying across the screen on a banknote. Reward - game currency, boosters.

Ant Factory is the right app when you want to keep your hands busy during breaks and don't want to waste time on ubiquitous ads.

Ant Factory for downloaded 0 times. Ant Factory is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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