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All Salad Recipes

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Developer: Tunny Apps
Categories: Food and drink
Android version: 4.2+
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Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


All Salad Recipes is a collection of recipes for the most delicious and healthy salads from around the world. The recipes contain a list of ingredients, colorfully illustrated. With this application you can prepare a new salad every day.

Why do you need an app

Salad is an important dish in the diet of any person. It is with him that lunch begins, a festive table and a romantic dinner do not do. It is easy to lose weight, be healthy and beautiful with salad. You can also make a salad for dessert - there are many recipes based on sweet fruits. And some options, such as a pasta-based salad, can completely replace a hearty second for lunch.

The green leafy vegetables that make up the base of most salads are rich in potassium, calcium, iodine and other minerals. Without exception, all vegetables are a source of antioxidants. By adding nuts and seeds to them, it will be possible to saturate the body with fatty acids, vitamins A and E - the elixir of youth and beauty. And gas stations are a testing ground for imagination.

Eating salad every day can prolong youth, improve the condition of the body, saturate the body with fiber and vitamins. Using the All Salad Recipes app, you can cook something new every day, pampering your loved ones with the cuisine of different nations. There are salads here: from broccoli and apples; chocolate-caramel nut; from cucumbers, mango and black beans; chicken with balsamic sauce; warm from salmon and tomatoes; Italian eggplant; old-fashioned pea; from watermelons and sesame; colorful pasta salad and more.

Interesting to try? Then this app is what you need! All recipes are provided with simple instructions and colorful illustrations.

Application Features

Key features of the application:

  • 148 delicious salad recipes;
  • recipes of Russian, American, Armenian, Greek, Japanese and other cuisines of the world;
  • healthy, healthy and simply delicious meals;
  • warm�е, sweet salads and pasta salads;
  • clear, beautiful illustrations and simple navigation;
  • simple text presentation;
  • Bookmark your favorite recipes.

Here you will also see interesting dressings and cooking tricks.

Installation and interface

You can download and install this application on your mobile phone for free. The use is also free, but there is advertising. Suitable for various Android devices.

The interface is in English, but simple and straightforward. Even basic knowledge of the language and a small vocabulary will be enough to understand which ingredients to take and what to do with them. Moreover, each recipe is accompanied by vivid illustrations.

Navigation is clear. The recipes are categorized. The ones you want can be marked for quick access later. You can also delete from bookmarks.

All Salad Recipes for downloaded 0 times. All Salad Recipes is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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All Salad Recipes
Added: 2020-07-09
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