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Name Accomplish: To-Do list reborn Extension: apk
Version: 1.2.1 Size: 9.1 MB

Comments on Google play



Very simplistic. That's not necessarily a bad thing but frustrating when you're used to more complex todo apps. I really wish it would sync between devices.



Definitely something that I am looking for, it has the things to do, and also able to drag over to the timeline. Because usually we only input the things to do, but what time are we doing it we don't know, so at times we procrastinate. With this brilliant function, we can keep to our time on what exactly we want to do and to accomplish it on time. Thank you so much for this app and its really easy to use and with no frills.



Hi I just wanted to let you know that I think this is the most promising to do scheduling app that I have come across. And believe me I have seen a few. I have tried the big guns I have tried obscure ones but none of them failed so fitting for me to handle. I had the app back in 2017 maybe 16 I don't even know if it existed then. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the couple of times missing some of the functionality that I would be looking for in an app like this. Still I found myself coming back to it so I can do my daily routine scheduling. Now that I read you are back into developing the app I was 3 old and I'm waiting to see or you can go with this. I hope you will have the resolve the time you need for this app to become even more useful than it is now in its current stage. Well there's one there's plenty they say so believe me when but there are a lot of people anticipating how far this app can go thank you for your work hope to see you new iterations around...



good so far, I like the reoccurring tasks. I'm getting used to adjusting the times. please keep developing! I like that it feels like a schedule book but without the paper.



I've used this app for probably two years. I have a love hate relationship with it. Now I have a new phone and I want port all of my tasks over to my new phone. But its not possible. Also, there is some basic functionality that I feel is missing. Developers are non responsive. I'm going to be looking for a different app of this type and see if I can get better functionality.



I used this app with my studies earlier but can't anymore. The widget isn't working, only shows tomorrow's tasks as today's tasks. A widget for unscheduled tasks and month view would be so useful. But all in all there'as so much potential and I'm grateful for all the work that you're putting into this. Thanks.



excellent app! incredibly helpful, quick, and intuitive to use. Probably the best short term time planner I've used (and I've tried them all). the widget doesn't update/seem to do anything at all which is a shame but I'm sure will be fixed in no time



The notification bell and the delightful drag-and-drop tasks make this my favourite minimalistic to-do-list app. However it should be noted that I prefer straight-forward apps. To those that are feature-finnicky and like to set up complex subtasks this may not be for you.



This app fills a basic need in calendar - complete integration of events and tasks. I have been looking for this feature in all calendar apps in vain, happy I found it here. Moving all my tasks and schedules here going forward. It's a simple app. Would be great if it had all standard features of a calendar (esp recurring tasks that is robust). And ability to convert events imported from Google into tasks seamlessly (& push it back so). But even without, it's a fairly powerful tool. Thanks!



I used the app for 6 months then uninstalled it because it was difficult to set recurring reminders and it doesn't have any integration option with other todo apps. Now am reinstalling it because from that day since I uninstalled it, my productivity decreased. Its such a powerful app. Please make integration option and the app is the only thing I need.

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