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Accomplish: To-Do list reborn

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Developer: Accomplish Software
Categories: Work
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 9.1 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 05.03.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Accomplish - Revisited To-Do List is an Android application that will replace your desktop notebook. The program allows you to record tasks in a digital diary and assign them an alert sound. Along with this, you can allocate a certain time limit for each task. The application can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

Application Features

The whole application is divided into two blocks, which are connected by themselves.

In the first part, you put all your tasks so you don't forget about them. They can be configured with a specific reminder signal with an indication of the time of automatic activation. You can also select a special sound, its duration, volume and interval of repeated notification. This block is located on the left of the device screen and will appear with one simple tap.

The second block is needed to plan your time. This option is similar to a regular calendar and helps you find time for urgent tasks.

Two essential functions are great for scheduling:

  • Move tasks from the business list to the calendar;
  • Create tasks using the calendar itself.

To drag tasks from the to-do list, both windows must be open. After that, just click on the task and, without releasing, drag it to the calendar. In this case, the information about the case will remain in the list and will continue to work in the established mode.

To change the amount of time and the start of a task can be easily configured without using a complex menu. You just need to move the task up or down during the day and stretch the time limit. When the specified time approaches, an audible signal and text notification will be given.

When you create tasks directly, they will immediately be recorded in the calendar. In this case, you don't have to drag them from the to-do list.

If necessary, for tasks, you can change the color of the design so that you know which ones need to be done urgently, and which ones can be postponed for later. This will help you better manage your free time and devote the necessary amount of energy to urgent tasks.

There is a function in the application that automatically transfers the goals for the day from the list to the calendar. It is activated only for frequently repeated tasks or tasks for every day. For example, getting up at a certain time in the morning, going to work or shopping, and much more.

The application has a modern design and easy control system. If necessary, you can change the theme of the application to adjust the sharp contrast between the various elements.

Accomplish: To-Do list reborn for downloaded 0 times. Accomplish: To-Do list reborn is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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